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Pho99 was founded in 2008. After 11 years of success in the business, we proudly introduce “Tang Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar” — an upscale to the legend Pho99, which now provides customers superior cocktail and dessert experiences, in additional to the traditional Viet favour, just to enhance your dining experience. As one of the best restaurants in Richmond, we have added numerous food items onto our menu to suit every customers’ appetites. Featuring a variety of “Viet street foods”, customers who miss ethnic Vietnamese foods can save a trip to Vietnam! We also understand the health benefits for becoming vegetarian; therefore, our team partnership with Mr. & Mrs. Social Corner have  introduced a list of yummy vegetarian foods to serve to our valued customers. For your convenience, we have combined 2 units at a single location so that customers can chill out after dinner and enjoy some professional cocktails and fine desserts 7 days a week. There will also be entertainment or sports nights, karaoke nights, with live music on selected days. While maintaining an authentic Vietnamese menu, we will be adding more food items that are suitable for all ages, for family gatherings, date nights, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and so on. We will ensure all our customers are well-served and leaving with big smiles. Let’s make the nightlife in Richmond fancier! In the expansion of our business, we are going to offer franchising opportunities to gather thoughts for further excellence. We will help investors in setting up restaurants. With our Chef who has 30 years of experience cooking authentic food from the north, middle, and south of Vietnam, and our team of professional bar consultants, interior designers, bartenders, as well as a general contractor, we can assist investors with or without previous experience. We wish all our friends will continue supporting us. We will live up to the expectations and strive to create a better Tang’s Group that develops  the Tang Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar -Mr& Ms Social Corner franchise. If you are interested in joining the Tang’s Group, please contact us at 604-278-6363  or email to info@tangvn.com for inquires.